Warranty Claim Form
  1. We are sorry to hear you have an issue with our product! Please fill this form out and we will handle it as quick as we can.
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  4. Email is best way to contact me.
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    What is the best number to call?
  6. Dealer or Agency
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    It helps us to know who has the problem or who did the install.
  7. Part #(*)
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  8. Vehicle Vin (*)
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    We use this to help track possible issues.
  9. Describe the Problem(*)
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    Please explain the issue, or how it was determined the part is defective.
  10. Return Authorization #
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    If we gave you a RA# please enter it here this will help the process.
  11. Batch#
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    This is usually the first number on the white tag on a harness or printed on a timer or module.
  12. T#(*)
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    The T# is generally the number that starts with a T. It is located on the white tag on a harness or printed below the Batch #
  13. Serial #(*)
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    The Serial # starts with an S and is located after the Batch and T#
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