Vehicle control units and safety modules:

Mnstar produces dual purpose Programmable Delay Timers, safety modules, control units and warning devices. We can also engineer and design modules to meet your specific needs. Efficient and cost effective!

Wiring Harnesses:

Mnstar produces top quality OEM heavy duty commercial wiring harnesses for Caterpiller© and other equipment manufacturers. Our harnesses are produced with high quality TXL stranded wire for extra protection. You have your choice of Industry connectors and waterproof connectors.
We can also do heavy equipment quality braiding and/or split PVC loom. Continuity testing is performed to assure you a quality product. Call us for a free sample harness.

Mnstar Specialized Products and Services:cr2300

      • Harness design and assembly
      • Variety of weatherproof and UL listed connectors available.
      • Hi-Temp Teflon wire assembly.
      • Braiding and split loom.
      • Battery cables and power distribution cables.
      • Cable assemblies.
      • Electronic and mechanical design.
      • Variety of power distribution, fuse and relay panels.
      • Custom fuse and relay identification feature labeling.
      • Control units, safety modules and timers.


Power Distribution, Fuse and Control Panels:

Mnstar can lay out a power distribution or control network to meet your OEM equipment specifications. A variety of panels and enclosures are available for your review. Also Mnstar can assemble your specific panel requirements. Mnstar will custom label your panels and circuits to make the panel user friendly for you and your customer.