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Build Better.

Every Make, Every Model – One standard for your fleet, tailored to your needs, this is the MNSTAR
difference. MNSTAR utilizes the highest quality raw materials, demanding standards, and process 
controls to ensure our products offer a “first-time right” and long-term performance rating that 
exceeds 99.8%. The breadth of MNSTAR’s product offerings allow a fleet to have consistency not only 
in police vehicles but in every emergency, support, administrative, or vocational vehicle in the fleet.
Build Faster.
Constructing a quality electrical system takes time and skilled technicians, commodities that
the best installation facilities are usually short of. Our products allow our installation partners 
to build faster while improving the build quality. Schematics, consistent installation practices, 
circuit identification, and labeled wires speed the installation and diagnostic processes putting 
new vehicles on the street faster and keeping them out of the shop.
Adaptable Design.
 MNSTAR offers more than a generic prep package or fuse panel. Our products support a wide array of 
installation techniques and an even wider array of equipment. Our team can assist in selecting the 
right power distribution, harness, and options for your installation to build a solution tailored 
to your fleet. Adaptable Design means there is no need to force a one-size fits all solution into 
your fleet. Our customers and installation providers are able to tailor each harness for each
specific vehicle and equipment configuration.


  Quality By Design

Vehicle durability and serviceability are directly impacted by the quality of any aftermarket equipment
installation. MNSTAR’s Quality By Design build specifications are intended to provide a clear 
outline of the standards that define all of our products. Quality By Design provides improved 
durability by providing an electrical system designed to reduce voltage drop, resistance, and 
product failure. The consistent standards, circuit labeling, and schematics all ensure quicker turn 
around time for both installations and repairs.     
•Color-Coded and Labeled Wiring
Easy Circuit Identification speeds installation and repair of emergency equipment. MNSTAR provides 
consistent color codes and wire identifiers across all of our product offerings, which provides our 
customers uniformity for their entire fleet.
•Detailed Color Schematics
Reduce vehicle down times and create a clear record of the installation for fleet-wide consistency.
 •Direct to Battery Grounds
Adheres to equipment manufacturer recommendations, reduces RFI and component to component 
•Fabricated Wire Harness of High Quality TXL Copper Exceeds SAE Standard J-1128
This stringent requirement provides for heat and flame resistance in high temperature environments 
including engine compartments.
•Heat Rated: Designed for Long Term Durability
Emergency and construction vehicles define severe duty and our products are designed to stand up in 
the most demanding environments. The Wire Harness and Loom are rated at or above 100° C and certain 
fuses, circuit breakers, and electronic components are rated for 85° C.
•Fire Retardant Protective Loom
Provides uniform high quality appearance and consistency to the final installation. Designed for 
high heat environments, it offers greater protection to the harness and vehicle than plastic split 
•Flexible Spare Circuits
Plans change but our spare circuits allow the installation provider to designate protection and 
layout according to the customer’s needs.
•Three-Year Warranty-- See Price List for Terms and Conditions.
Quality matters!  MNSTAR stands behind our products with a limited three-year warranty to ensure
our customer’s satisfaction.