Designed and Built with Pride in the U.S.A.

Our Mission:

To design and build the best possible products that meet and exceed the electrical demands of equipment in the manufacturing and vehicle related markets.

MNSTAR Technologies is a leader in providing electrical system solutions and high quality manufactured wire harnesses with “Quality by Design”. MNSTAR will design innovative solutions that provide manufacturability to the customer and serviceability to the end user. This strategy enhances MNSTAR Technologies overall leadership position in the Emergency, Commercial Truck, Quality OEM, Marine and Energy markets.

MNSTAR excels in full service support of our customers with cost effective design, development, manufacturing and on-time delivery of high quality electrical systems.  MNSTAR’s products will are recognized by customers as the highest quality, the easiest to install, the most reliable, durable in extreme environments and the quickest to service in the field. These advantages allow MNSTAR’s customers to build more products, support more customers and generate more revenue.

MNSTAR strives to be a respectable corporate citizen to both its’ employees and the community by providing careers to those who wish to excel in American Manufacturing. Our operating environment emphasizes 100% customer satisfaction, sales focus, teamwork, and empowerment of the employee with rewards for those who successfully implement this strategy.


Full Service Product Driven:   Electrical System Solutions, Design Support, Wire Harnesses, On-time Deliveries and Keep-fill Programs.

Industries Served

  • Emergency:       
    • Police, Fire, EMS, & Government Fleet
  • Commercial Truck:   
    • End User Driven Products tailored to specific installations.
    • From Information Technology Products to Amber Lighting.
  • Quality OEM:    
    • Complete electrical system design for Front End Loaders to Vocational Trucks.
  • Marine:               
    • Complete Electrical System Design from Engine controls to Touch Screen Helms                
  • Energy:  
    • Supporting Highly Explosive Environments and Machinery for Infrastructure Development – From Petroleum Pipelines to High Tension Lines.

Select Geographic:        

  • North America

Product Characteristics:

  • Highest Quality - Reliability, Durability and Experience designed into products.
    • Product Tracking System offering 99.83% product quality.
    • 99% First Time Right, 100% Tested product, & backed by up to a five-year warranty.
  • Manufacturability
    • Easy to Install, MNSTAR products match both your product needs and the customer assembly process and/or end-user installation
  • Durable in Extreme Environments:
    • Designed, Tested and Proven Durable in Extreme Environments to last the service life of the product.
    • Optimized for High Tech and Mobile IT Products
  • Serviceability
    • Designed for quick service in the field.
    • User friendly schematics


Full Service Support of our Customers:

  • Cost Effective Design
    • Value Proposition that allows for higher quality than our competition by returning value to the customer through improved design, on-time delivery and improved installation processes which reduce customers overall cost of their product.
  • On Time Delivery
    • Build to customer’s demand utilizing small batch or Kan Ban processes.
    • Logistics to match the customers’ production needs.
  • Innovative Solutions
    • Flexibility – Ease of adding accessories and making design changes.
    • Design Support:  Share our knowledge to assist our customers to build better products, and to build customers we can grow with.
  • MNSTAR is a company our customers want to work with.
    • MNSTAR Technical Support for the life of the product.
    • Professional Customer Service with a Smile J
    • Addressing customer build schedules and expediting.
    • Create a culture of honest collaborative problem resolution.

Operational Philosophy:

MNSTAR Technologies designs and sells products that meet both the electrical demands of aftermarket equipment and the installation process used by most installers. All products are designed and tested to meet SAE Standard J-1128, and to exceed all Vehicle and Component Manufacturer Standards. MNSTAR has brought to the law enforcement market the following installation improvements:

  • Detailed Color Schematics with each vehicle.
  • Color Coded and Labeled Wiring.
  • Direct to Battery Grounds.
  • Flagged Breakouts to assist the Installer to identify circuits.

MNSTAR products continue to lead the market place with the following innovations:

  • Adaptable Design ARRAY (2012)-Mnstar Designed its Installer and Integrator 2.0 Series with "ADAPTABLE DESIGN ARRAY", creating levels of coverage and functional options to allow a fleet manager to select the correct electrical system for each model and application of vehicle in their fleet.
  • Ambidextrous design (2011)—MNSTAR begins reworking harnesses designs to maintain familiar functions while allowing harnesses to be used on both front battery and rear battery vehicles
  • Solution Ready (2010) -- MNSTAR began designing of products for the Next generation of Police Cars, and releases the integrated timer.
  • Integrator Series (2008) -- MNSTAR introduced its line of integrated harnesses designed for the heavy use of IT in the mobile environment. These harnesses use integrated fuse panels incorporating timers and relays.
  • Quality by Design (2007) – MNSTAR’s production processes include an unmatched quality control process with detailed tracking of assemblies and on-jig testing for all products.
  • Swing Arm Construction (2007) – An innovation that allows wiring harnesses to support console mounted or trunk mounted control devices. This innovation both increases value to the customer and reduces inventory demands for distributers.
  • Scalable Solutions (2006) – MNSTAR offers 25 systems with common quality and installation standards, whereas MNSTAR's competitors offer only one Harness or Power distribution solution. Additionally, using established options or creating custom harnesses based on customer demand provides MNSTAR’s unmatched product offerings.
  • National Standard (2005) -- A Technician who has worked with one harness will find consistent wire coloring and schematics throughout the product line.
  • Plug & Play Connectors (2004) – Only MNSTAR offers the ability to provide plug and play connections on the wire harness. The vast majority of emergency products offer plug connectors to improve installation standards and serviceability. Only MNSTAR offers a wire harness that can directly utilize these connectors, while other harness providers require the installer to crimp component connections.
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