Designed and Built with Pride in the U.S.A.

Our Mission:

To design and build the best possible products that meet and exceed the electrical demands of equipment in the manufacturing and vehicle related markets.

MNSTAR Technologies is a leader in providing electrical system solutions and high quality manufactured wire harnesses with “Quality by Design”. MNSTAR will design innovative solutions that provide manufacturability to the customer and serviceability to the end user. This strategy enhances MNSTAR Technologies overall leadership position in the Emergency, Commercial Truck, Quality OEM, Marine and Energy markets.

MNSTAR excels in full service support of our customers with cost effective design, development, manufacturing and on-time delivery of high quality electrical systems.  MNSTAR’s products will are recognized by customers as the highest quality, the easiest to install, the most reliable, durable in extreme environments and the quickest to service in the field. These advantages allow MNSTAR’s customers to build more products, support more customers and generate more revenue.

MNSTAR strives to be a respectable corporate citizen to both its’ employees and the community by providing careers to those who wish to excel in American Manufacturing. Our operating environment emphasizes 100% customer satisfaction, sales focus, teamwork, and empowerment of the employee with rewards for those who successfully implement this strategy.


Full Service Product Driven:   Electrical System Solutions, Design Support, Wire Harnesses, On-time Deliveries and Keep-fill Programs.

Industries Served

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Product Characteristics:


Full Service Support of our Customers:

Operational Philosophy:

MNSTAR Technologies designs and sells products that meet both the electrical demands of aftermarket equipment and the installation process used by most installers. All products are designed and tested to meet SAE Standard J-1128, and to exceed all Vehicle and Component Manufacturer Standards. MNSTAR has brought to the law enforcement market the following installation improvements:

MNSTAR products continue to lead the market place with the following innovations: